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Do’s and Don’t Do’s of a Job Interview

by Admin - 05/01/2009

"Always be prepared for the interview because you can be called at any time. Once the date and the place have been declared for the interview, allow an ample time for the preparation."

Since the first impression is all the effect that is going to impart on your personality, it is very much important that you have the specific dress code for the interview.

With a matching dress up, it can be guaranteed that things go well. Your first impression can make the boss humble to you and he will not try to be hard to you. There is no point in dressing in such a way that you become conspicuous to other people. Inner quality have something to do when you get selected for the job for the first time .But for now you are like all other general candidates. So, the outer appearance counts.

You can boost up your personality with the following does’s and don’t do’s tips:

1. So far the female interviewee is concerned; she should not polish her nails with a bright color. Long nails are strongly prohibited as it reflects your attire. Neat and tidy trimmed nails always look good than the long ones.

2. An ideal lady never will wear a hanging, shining and rattling jewelry so as to irritate the person sitting in front of you. Never wear more than two earrings and piercing facial sections and tattooed hands are all not allowed during the interview.

3. Your hair should look professional, not that hanging down the eyes.

4. Women are advised to wear heel shoes and they must be closed fully .It gives other persons a sense to respect you.

5. Ladies are not to show off the bare legs newly shaven; rather they can use stockings of humble color than those fancy fashionable ones.

6. It is to be note d that a good suit and clothing develops confidence in people with them than those without .Wear comfortable clothes not tight enough .Feel easy to what you say and show a professional body language.

7. It is always good not to wear short skirts for the women.

8. Fitting blazers will do but take care that they are not much outdated, neither that they are over fashioned. It is not advisable to wear leather jackets or pants during an interview.

9. Men can wear a tie and should avoid turtlenecks. In case of no tie or a suit available one can use a good fitting shirt with long sleeves.

10. The men are to be clean shaven. Too much of an aftershave must not be put on.

11. Baggings for women must not be bright or leather ones .It is good that they go with the dress code that you are on.

12. The briefcase or the bags must be all ok working condition.
What you wear will show to other where you from are and what is your class. Despite your good academics and career backgrounds, skills, you might become the odd man out just because your hands were shaken, you had a bad eye contact or your posture and body language lacked confidence. So, think upon it wisely or else regret the whole life.