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Send A Thank You Letter After the Interview

by Admin - 05/01/2009

"It is always recommended that a job seeker sends a thank you note to the respective personnel after the interview. A thank you note is very important aspect of the career establishment and not all of them are familiar with this. "

Below is some of the possible requirement and perspective of a thank you note:

1. Most applicant hesitate to give a note of thanks to the interviewer .But It is quite customary as it a common method of showing courteousness towards them and a simple way of making oneself different than others.

2. People often believe that it jeopardizes the chances of getting the job. It’s not that true, so why take risks, isn’t it?

3. What should be the note of thanks written in? Should it be a hard copy or soft copy? Well, it does not matter with either of the two formats. Point is with the style of doing. It must be addressed to the respective personnel. Do not hesitate to submit a formal business letter to the company if it is asked to.

4. You might be wondering whether to make a thank you letter through an email. Never make an attempt to do so or else you’ll irritate to the Boss and you’ll be out of the job unless it’s the company recommended. Even if the company’s tradition allows a mailing thank you note, it is better to follow up the mail with a hard copy of the same.

5. It happens that you are on the edge of getting a job. Everything’s going right unless you get a notice of not getting recruited to the job. This might have happened due to your ill formatted letter of thanking. Your misspelled words and typographical silly mistakes do please nobody. No company or institute will take a man on the job that has no good writing skills.

6. People are borrowing thank you letters from their friends and submitting the same with no necessary amendments .In such conditions, it is possible that the same letter might not be applicable to your personnel.

7. If the interviewer was a panel of personnel, the thank you letter has to be given to all the members, taking care that it addresses the right post of each individual.

8. A thank you letter has to be sent within a time period of a day that is within 24 hours of your interview.

9. You might be thinking that if there is already an offer made by the company, is it necessary that a thank you note has to be submitted? Yeah, of course you have to. This time you can make into use for either declining or accepting the offer. Actually the offer notice could be a message to you with regard to the salary, benefits, other compensation starting dates, vacations, etc.

10. Lastly, think that you are the job seeker, make everything as personalized as possible .You may have to adapt to the company’s policies and diplomacies. Do it. And whatever you do, build a sense of professionalism.