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The Hiring Process

by jobbank - 07/30/2008

"The hiring process is focused on ensuring the ideal match between the individual and the position."

For most positions, the hiring process will require you to participate in the following steps:

1. Create a Candidate Profile - This is jobbank's standard application that is required of all candidates so that we can compare your skills, experience and education to our employment opportunities. Go to http://www.jobbank.ca and click "registration" for instructions on how to create your profile.

2. Apply for a job posting - Using your Candidate Profile you can apply to one or more appropriate positions in our Current Openings database. Only apply for positions where you meet the minimum education, work experience and skill requirements.

3. Consideration for an interview - If we determine that your qualifications are an appropriate match with the job posting for which you applied, a reprsentative from the employer will contact you to arrange an interview. You will be contacted by phone unless you have asked to be contacted by some other means, such as Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TTY), Call Relay or e-mail.

4. Interview Process - In your interview(s), you will learn more about the position you are being considered for. This is the employer's formal process to ensure that your skills, competencies, attributes and interests are appropriate for the position.

5. Employment Offer - When the interview process is complete, the employer will contact you to confirm whether or not you are the successful candidate for the particular job posting. If you are not the successful candidate, your candidate profile will be saved in our database for 12 months from the last time your profile was updated. During this time, your candidate profile will be searchable by potential employers, its subsidiaries, and affiliated companies in consideration for other job opportunities.

Keep your Candidate Profile up-to-date and check our Current Openings regularly. If you are not the right fit for one position, you might be the perfect candidate for a different one.

More Details: http://classifieds.jobbank.ca